dimarts, 7 de juny de 2016


I like pop music sing and danced .
In this music play the guitar, drum ,piano......etc.........
This music is fast ,this  music is young .
Example :Taylor Swift ,Mat Simon,Rihanna,Justin Beber ,etc...........

Tailor  Swift is 26 she was born on 13 of  December  1989 .

Leaves :U.S.A

She is a singer songwriter.

At 14 she became a cauntry singer.

Now she sing pop.

My favorite song is Blank Space and Bad Blood.

It has been presented to Disney Musical Awards 2016 and did not win.

My friend and my like Taylor Swift.


 I would like  to go :
New York because i want to see statue of liberty,Central Park  and 
Brooklyn Bridge.

London because i want to see Big Eyes of London ,Big Ben and Bridge tower.

Caribe  because i want to see beaches , Blue Hole and Palomino Island.

Amsterdam because i want to see the Miniature museum,Voldelpark and National Monument.

Italy because i want to see Rome,Venice and ligning tower of Pisa.